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Jack Russell Terriers are champion companions.
Jacks are a small, extremely intelligent, fun loving and happy dog. They are a great companion and excellent with children, making them an ideal family pet and house dog. They are loyal and protective and love to be involved in all the activities of the family. Jacks definitely consider themselves a "member" of their family. They are very hardy little dogs, to the point of being tough. Originally they were bred to hunt small game, rabbits, rats and foxes in England. They are quick, agile and always ready to play.
Enrich your quality of life.
A Swampwood Jack Russell Terrier will bring fun, joy and love into your life. Jacks give 110 percent in everything and they put all that they have got into loving you.

Swampwood quality bloodlines.
At Swampwood we offer you some of the best quality Jack Russell bloodlines found in Australia today.
Our available litters of pups are all bred from our foundation stock of champions. If you are looking for a potential champion show dog or simply a wonderful companion and friend, Swampwood Jack Russell pups are your best choice.

Three of our much loved champions.
(From left) Molly Malone, Mick Maddingan, Major.
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